Other Organizations Dedicated to Preserving

San Francisco


San Francisco City Guides offers free walking tours of San Francisco. Local volunteers who love the city and its history, lore and legends want to share what they know with you.


The Bike Kitchen is a cooperative, do-it-yourself bike repair shop. We provide all the tools and parts you need to fix or build a bicycle. Our staff of volunteer mechanics is available to give advice and answer questions.

Instead of charging a fee for services, the Bike Kitchen charges membership dues: either $5 a day, or $30 a year. Purchasing a membership gives you access to all the tools and parts in our inventory. If you’re short on cash, you can earn a membership or parts by volunteering in the shop for a certain number of hours.


SFGRO seeks to meet the needs of community gardeners and to enhance the experience of gardening as a source of beauty, pleasure, food and community for all San Franciscans.


The San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the City's last remaining neighborhood cinemas.

Fox Theatre


The Golden Gate Railroad Museum is dedicated to the preservation of steam and passenger railroad equipment, and the interpretation of local railroad history.


The mission of the India Basin Neighborhood Association (IBNA) is to preserve the maritime history, natural beauty, diverse character and unique ambiance of the vibrant mixed-use neighborhood of India Basin through community organizing.

historic India Basin


The Campaign to Save the Golden Gate Park Windmills is working to save these historic structures that beautify the landscape at the west end of the park near Ocean Beach.


The San Francisco Media Archive is dedicated to preserving film. They have screenings of rare films and they offer internships to people who want to learn about the process of archiving film.


Presidio Clarkia

The California Native Plant Society’s goal is to increase understanding of California's native flora and to preserve this rich natural heritage for future generations. The Yerba Buena Chapter encompasses San Francisco and northern San Mateo Counties.


The San Francisco Field Ornithologists are devoted to increasing awareness of birding in San Francisco. They maintain a historical database of San Francisco bird sightings.
The Maltese Falcon


New Mission Theatre

The Friends of 1800 are dedicated to preserving significant historical buildings, landmarks and the architectural heritage of San Francisco especially sites important to GLBT history and culture. 


Walk San Francisco is a group of advocates for using your own two legs to get around the city for personal health and health of the city at large. While walking you will be able to better appreciate all the nuances of San Francisco.


Tree Frog Treks (located in San Francisco) explores science and practices critical thinking through hands-on experiments and outdoor adventures, and inspires a love of nature and learning through contact with live rescued reptiles and amphibians.


At the Randall Museum, children & adults can explore the creative aspects of art and science and make discoveries about nature and the environment by direct participation in classes, workshops, special events, lectures and clubs. The museum includes a live animal exhibit, woodshop, arts and ceramics studios, theatre, darkroom, lapidary workshop, greenhouse and gardens. From the grounds of the Randall one can enjoy a spectacular view of the city below.


The Center for Ecosystem Survival (based in San Francisco) is dedicated to creating global partnerships to inspire broadbased participation in the preservation of biological diversity through ecosystem protection worldwide. CES works in partnership with schools, universities, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, natural history museums, and science centers worldwide to protect wildlife and nature.


The Western Neighborhoods Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of western San Francisco neighborhoods.



Buena Vista Park

The Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC) advocates for a superior, equitable and sustainable park and recreation system. NPC provides leadership and support to park users through community-driven stewardship, education, planning and research.


The Friends of the Urban Forest do community planting, maintenance, education and advocacy in order to promote a larger, healthier urban forest as part of the urban ecosystem.


Shaping San Francisco is a non-profit project of CounterPULSE. It has been a volunteer project for over 9 years providing information on San Francisco’s rich history including the history of labor in the city.


CounterPULSE provides support and low cost resources for emerging artists, serving as an incubator space to create socially relevant, diverse, community-based art in San Francisco. CounterPULSE works towards a world that celebrates a diversity of race, class, ability, gender identity & sexual orientation.


Conservatree is a nonprofit organization, based in San Francisco dedicated to the use of environmentally sound papers. They act as an advocate for ecologically sustainable paper markets.


Habitat Potential was founded by Consulting Ecologist and Naturalist Josiah Clark in 2002. . It is more than a company name, it is a philosophy that starts with an intimate knowledge of local ecosystems and their organisms. The potential is set in motion by actions in landscape stewardship.


The mission of SF Architectural Heritage is to develop and maintain a public appreciation and understanding of the cultural, aesthetic, and economic value of San Francisco's architecturally and historically significant structures and district; and to be an effective force in motivating public and private action to preserve and protect these resources.


Nature's Acres Nursery grows native plants for community restoration projects in San Francisco.