Alcatraz Island
Robert Stroud    Robert Stroud -                                                              Birdman of Alcatraz


Native American Women

The Native American Sunrise Ceremony is held every Thanksgiving on Alcatraz Island

It is an opportunity to commenorate and give thanks to the native people of this country. The original Thanksgiving of 1621 was meant to give thanks for the harvest. This harvest was possible because of the help that the native people of America gave to the Pilgrims. The year before many Pilgrims had died due to starvation. The native peoples taught the Pilgrims agricultural techniques that were successful.

Photos are from the 2005 Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Island.

All were taken by Andrea Jesse. No duplication without consent.

Native Americans
Native American Native Americans
View from Alcatraz back to the city
Lesley Segedy View from Alcatraz west toward the Golden Gate Bridge
View from Alcatraz back to the city
Ferry arriving at Alcatraz
Ferry leaving Alcatraz