Darryl Skrabak
Darryl Skrabak sacrifices himself to the dragon.

Children play a big role in the Chinese New Year celebration.

Also every year, on the same night as the parade, is the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt. For the last 3 years, SFPS board members have participated. This year as the 'Pooper Sleuthers'.
JD Fong & Darryl Skrabak
Sleuthers JD Fong and Darryl Skrabak solve another clue.
JD Fong & Darryl Skrabak
One of the more cryptic clues.
JD Fong
JD Fong displays the clues and his button at the end of the hunt.
Darryl Skrabak & JD Fong & Andrea Jesse

Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt Sleuthers Darryl Skrabak, JD Fong & Andrea Jesse - 2006.

All photos above by Andrea Jesse. No duplication without consent.
San Francisco's Chinese New Year   2006 - Year of the Dog